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Getty Compared to Monica's practical style and Phoebe's eccentric aesthetic, Rachel was undeniably the most trendy of the three women. Her love for fashion went beyond her impeccable wardrobe, too. Rachel starts out as a waitress in the first few seasons, but soon gets a job in the fashion industry.

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Rachel Green's hair was the epitome of '90s style, with Friends fans clambering for the short-layered, angled look that framed Jennifer Aniston's face just so. But, with an on-screen career in.

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It seems like the checkered dress never goes out of style, and certainly Rachel Green has made it a classic fashion ensemble. This look, paired with red lipstick, is simultaneously romantic, chic, and trendy. Perfect with your girls for a casual date or cocktail night. 4. Monochromatic skirt-suit Photo:

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Episode: The One with the Breast Milk Why: Shorteralls - a fleeting but truly wonderful trend. Rachel elevated hers with a navy jacket and classic sneakers. You may have to scour some vintage shops for the shorteralls, but look to Balenciaga for your chunky sneakers and Totême for a classic oversized blazer. The slip dress

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22. This Mock Turtleneck. The button detailing on the shoulder of Rachel's top is super cute. (Mindy's pink suit can stay back in the '90s where it belongs, though). 23. This Sporty Skirt Ensemble.

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Whether or not you've watched Friends, you'll know that Rachel Green, the waitress-turned-buyer played by Jennifer Aniston, was a fashion icon. Cue the outfit ideas. Phoebe had handfuls of rings; Monica had slick leather jackets, but it was Rachel - with that hairstyle - who became the show's defacto style sweetheart.

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Posted on Aug 23, 2021 27 Fantastic Outfits Jennifer Aniston Wore On "Friends," Ranked By How Stellar They Are There's a clear #1. by Hope Lasater BuzzFeed Staff It is a truth universally.

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Take Rachel Green's outfits, for instance: yes, the lovable character made her way into our hearts through witty humor and a charming personality, but it was her collection of suits from.

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Fact: Rachel Green was the resident fashion girl of Friends throughout the series' 10 season run.Sure, Monica had great taste in boots (despite not being able to walk in them), and we respect Phoebe's charmingly eccentric ensembles, but Rachel had a penchant for wearing the most au courant trends of the times (the late '90s and early '00s). ). She also worked in the fashion industry.

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If you're thinking of minimal fashion icons that still have us saving their slick.

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Rachel Green, the undisputed queen of fashion, was brought to life by the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston, and has served us some of the best, most stylish and fashionable looks of all time. Her outfits may have been inspired by the 90s fashion, but truth be told, most of them are relevant even today, and they have successfully stood the test of time.

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1) This Cropped Sweater Look. This look form season one is effortlessly cool and easy to copy. Her cropped sweater with high waisted jeans are incredibly 90's and incredibly cool. A great example of basic Rachel Green outfits. and this cropped sweater is super chic. Get The Look:

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Glam Slip Dress. NBC // Getty Images. There are a million ways to wear this Rachel Green favorite. Layer it over a tie dye T-shirt, throw a chunky knit on top, or wear it solo with heels for an.

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1. The Wedding Dress 'Pilot' Season 1, Episode 1: Is there anything more iconic than Rachel's first entrance into Friends? Yes, there is - her wedding dress. The off-the-shoulder bodice with beaded pearls and matching headdress is a show stopper, perfect for a stylish runaway bride! 2. The Pink Shirt

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8. Denim Vest Galore During her time as a less-than-stellar waitress, Rachel embraced a lot of denim that she usually paired with skirts and tights. One of her favorite pieces was the denim vest, which she rocked on many occasions with an array of clothing.

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Rachel Green's Outfits From 'Friends,' Ranked From Worst To Best TV & Movies Here Are All The Best Outfits Rachel Wore On Friends Ranked from best to worst. by Kat George Updated:.