Insects of Scotland Butterflies

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Watch this short video to find out how to identify the most common and widespread of the butterflies found in Scotland. This is part of a workshop on butterfly identification and monitoring,.

Insects of Scotland Butterflies

Family: Blues Size: Small Wing Span Range (male to female): 20-30mm Caterpillar Foodplant The sole foodplant is Kidney Vetch ( Anthyllis vulneraria ). The larvae live only in the flower heads where they feed on developing anthers and seed. Lifecycle Habitat Rare but found on sheltered, warm grassland habitats which have Kidney Vetch.

Insects of Scotland Butterflies

Peacock One of the most spectacular butterflies in Scotland! The Peacock's striking pattern of eyespots was evolved to startle and confuse predators. The Peacock is a fairly large butterfly and a strong flyer, and so can be found across a wide range.

Insects of Scotland Butterflies

In Scotland, butterflies are monitored through the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS) and the Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey. In the UKBMS, volunteers walk fixed route transects from April to September each year. The indicator describes trends for 20 of the 34 regularly occurring butterfly species in Scotland at 619 sample locations.

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Scotland has thirty butterfly species to look for. Some of the best places to see them are in and around your woodlands. Where do they live? The best butterfly woods have a range of different trees, and sunny clearings filled with shrubs and wildflowers.

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Scotland has 30 butterfly species to look out for - although some are easier to spot than others. In fact, some are so rare, we've had to bring in a secret weapon to help save them from extinction. Highland cattle.

Insects of Scotland Butterflies

The State of the UK's Butterflies 2022 Report - Scotland 3 February 2023 In Scotland, butterfly species that require specialist habitats have greatly declined, but the figures show increases too, as many countryside-wide species have increased in Scotland. While this bucks the trend elsewhere in the UK, it's a clear indicator of climate change.

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A few of Scotland's 35 species of beautiful butterfly. Scottish Butterflies: These are Scotland's 35 native species of butterfly - and where and when to see them They are amongst our most.

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About 34 species of butterfly are seen regularly in Scotland, but about 1,300 species of moth occur here. Some moths fly by day. Look out for the striking red and black burnet moth in grassland with a variety of flowers, especially by the sea. The moth's colour wards off predators, as it send the message that it's poisonous.

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As part of Butterfly Conservation's 2021-2026 strategy, we are focusing efforts our priority species efforts on 27 butterfly and moths in Scotland. Find out more on how you can help on our Scottish Priority Species pages. Get involved in the Wild Spaces Perth and Stirling Project!

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Mid-August is typically peak season for our favourite and most brightly-coloured butterflies such as the Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma but this year, wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation Scotland has received very few sightings.

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Butterflies of Scotland guide pdf 1.24 MB Butterflies of NE Scotland leaflet pdf 2.30 MB Stirlingshire ID guide (revised 2015) pdf 668.74 KB Highlands ID guide (revised 2015) pdf 1.13 MB Lothians & Borders ID guide pdf 2.50 MB South West Scotland ID Guide pdf 2.69 MB Argyll ID guide pdf 1.70 MB Central Scotland ID Guide pdf 1.86 MB

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There are 35 species of butterfly which breed in Scotland. They can be found in almost every type of habitat, from the planting around carparks to the highest mountains. Learning to identify butterflies is the first step in being able to record them.

Insects of Scotland Butterflies

There are only 32 different species of butterflies found regularly in Scotland. Some can be found all across the country while others are confined to specific locations. The pages below cover all the butterflies which can be seen in Scotland.

Insects of Scotland Butterflies

I found both species in the early evening when most of the other butterflies had retired for the night. Like the large skipper, it is only found in the south of Scotland. Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) (Argyll Caravan Park, Argyll and Mabie Forest Nature Reserve, Dumfries & Galloway) Wow, wow, wow! This, in my opinion, is easily the most.

Insects of Scotland Butterflies

Scotland is home of two hoverflies of special interest because of their rarity and which have special conservation efforts put together to protect them.. Butterflies and moths. Some 34 butterfly species are seen regularly in Scotland, but about 1,300 species of moth occur here some of which fly by day. 12 Apr, 2017