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Switzerland has four official languages that are spoken: 63% speak German, 23% French, 8% Italian, these three belong to the most important languages in. Map explaining the areas where the four different languages in Switzerland are spoken. The difference in languages could easily deepen the rift between our regions. Interestingly enough, we.

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In Switzerland we find four official languages: French, spoken in the Zona Rosa; the German, in the gray; the Italian, in the yellow one; and Romansh, in the green. Therefore, the predominant language is German. You have all the information in: « What language is spoken in Switzerland? «. Next photo 1 de 4

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Switzerland's four official languages, traditionally spoken in different regions of the country, are German, French, Italian and Rumantsch [sometimes also transcribed as Romansh, Romansch Rhaeto-Romanic or even Romance etc.]). Some statistics showing a fairly high percentage of "other" languages might give a false idea, if not interpreted properly.

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Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. English, though not an official language, is often used to bridge the divides, and a significant proportion of.

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Map of languages in Switzerland Click to see large Description: This map shows what languages people speak in Switzerland. You may download, print or use the above map for educational, personal and non-commercial purposes. Attribution is required.

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A map of Switzerland and the languages of the respective regions. Designed by Tessa Cramer. Switzerland is a highly educated country, if you don't know Swiss German, French, Italian or Romansch, you will be able to get by speaking English. However, it is customary in Europe to prepare for a trip by learning the local language of the place you.

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April 5, 2017 - 18:15. Kai Reusser. Other languages: 9. The language map has changed dramatically in the last four decades. The proportion of people who speak German, Italian and Romansh as their.

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Switzerland has four language regions: German, French, Italian and Romansh. The number of German, Italian and Romansh speakers is falling, while French speakers are increasing. Non-national languages are also gaining in importance. The two most widely spoken non-national languages are English and Portuguese.

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Switzerland Language Map (Map: Seraina Zellweger) Where is German the official language of Switzerland? German is the most widely spoken language in Switzerland, accounting for over 60%. The map shows the German-speaking part of Switzerland in blue.

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Linguistic maps of the Swiss German language ‎ (7 F) Media in category "Linguistic maps of Switzerland" The following 62 files are in this category, out of 62 total. Karte Schweizer Sprachgebiete 2023.png 4,133 × 2,848; 3.51 MB 284 of 'The International Geography.. Edited by H. R. Mill' (11169397054).jpg 940 × 635; 144 KB

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English: Map of the geographical distribution of the official languages of Switzerland (2000) 18 June 2006 Swiss Federal Statistical Office; census of 2000 Marco Zanoli ( sidonius 13:20, 18 June 2006 (UTC)) Other versions German version *.svg-version File:Sprachen CH 2000 EN.svg is a vector version of this file.

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Shown above is the language map of Switzerland. Here, the country is distributed by four areas that are each corresponding to its four official languages. German is the language that is most used by the Swiss; 72% of the population are native German speakers.

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The four official languages in Switzerland. The official languages in Switzerland are: German or Swiss German (62%) French (23%) Italian (8%) Rhaeto-Romanic (0.5%) The great number of languages spoken in this relatively small country can be explained by the history of Switzerland.

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The map of language distribution in Switzerland (Image: Tschubby/Wikimedia) The languages spoken in each Swiss canton are a result of its history and geographical location. For instance, Lombard is the main language in the south, across the border from Italy. Swiss-French, on the other hand, is the lingua franca of the west where the country.

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German. Swiss German is spoken in the northern, eastern, and central parts of the country, and is spoken by 63 % of the population, making it the primary language in Switzerland. Its speakers refer to it as Dialekt, Mundart, or just Dütsch. However, if you decide to study in one of the Swiss German-speaking cantons, you should know that this.

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Italian 561,857 people in Switzerland speak Italian, which is about 8.4% of the population in the country. Italian-speaking Swiss areas include the canton of Tinico, Gondo valley in Valais, and the southern region of the Graubünden. The linguistic regions cover an area of about 3,500 km². About 20% of Tinico population is Italian by descent.