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JavaScript DOM element Collision detection The overlap of elements is what can be referred to as collision detection. This is a standard part of most games, when moving page elements to be able to.

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Source Code Collision detection with JavaScript DOM elements example. To check if any two elements are overlapping you need both element, x,y height and width values. These can then be used to calculate the corners to see overlap on the horizontal axis and overlap on the vertical axis.

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To check if two elements overlap, use the getBoundingClientRect () method to get an object containing information about the relative position to the viewport of the elements. Then, compare the boundary edges (top, right, bottom, left) of the two rectangles. Here is the HTML for the examples. And here is the related JavaScript code.

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Learn how to use the CSS z-index property to control the stacking order of overlapping elements on a web page. The z-index property can create amazing effects when combined with positioning and transparency. provides examples and interactive exercises to help you master this essential CSS skill.

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The overflow property helps you manage an element's content overflow. Using this property, you can convey to a browser how it should handle overflow content. The default value of the value type is visible. With this default setting, one can see content when it overflows. To crop content when it overflows, you can set overflow: hidden.

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All right, let us now start with "step one" of creating overlapping elements - By positioning elements. In CSS, there are a couple of ways to position an element: Static - This is the default "as-it-is" positioning for every element; The element will simply go along with the "normal page flow". Relative - The element will be.

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Set the position to "relative" and add the margin property. Set both the width and height of the "box" class to "100%". Specify the position with the "absolute" value. Add the top and left properties. Also, specify the background and opacity of the "box" class. Style the "overlay" class by using the z-index, margin and background properties.

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We require that the code be working correctly, to the best of the author's knowledge, before proceeding with a review. Closed 3 years ago. I know you can calculate if an element is overlapping another by comparing the top|bottom|right|left properties within the getBoundingClientRect method. However, you need to loop through the elements to do so.

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JQuery extension to return the collisions between two selectors. Handles padding, margin, borders, and can determine either overlap or portion outside. Returns JQuery "overlap" objects. Requires: jquery1.8.3+, examples also require: jqueryui1.9.2+

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I have two div elements. Each of them have 450px width and height. How do I check if the first div is overlapping the second div? I've tried to use javascript hittest, but it's a little bit complicated. Since I'm trying to find out how it actually work, I would like to get started with a simpler code.

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In this video, I show how to get several DOM elements and then check if they are overlapping on the page. We are going to use the element's getBoundingClient.

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Pure 'cross-browser' JavaScript, if possible. Yes, that's easy, just create an element with position:fixed;z-index:enough and set its position and dimensions to the position of the element you want to cover. Then on window.resize adjust the position and dimensions.

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The overlay CSS property specifies whether an element appearing in the top layer (for example, a shown popover or modal

element) is actually rendered in the top layer. This property is only relevant within a list of transition-property values, and only if allow-discrete is set as the transition-behavior.. It is important to note that overlay can only be set by the browser — author.

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